Cheshire’s Independent Aston Martin Specialists, AM Performance Ltd can service and repair all aspects of your Aston Martin using genuine Aston parts and can save you money on repair, service and maintenance costs.

From a simple brake pad replacement or problems with suspension, steering and transmission, to complete Aston Martin engine overhauls, we take great pride in what we do to maintain and repair these finely engineered Aston performance sports cars.

You can talk directly to a technician about any faults or repairs, or just for some friendly help or advice. We do not carry out any repairs without authorisation and any faults are noted and fully reported with advice as to when, in our experienced opinion, these advisories or repairs should be carried out.

We always aim to give a fixed quote, but where this is not possible due to the nature of the fault, we aim to give a worst-case scenario. In many cases the final invoice amount is actually cheaper than the original estimate. This honest approach is why many Aston Martin owners trust us to work on their treasured vehicles time and time again.

Due to the very high specification and technical level of these fantastic cars, specialist tools, equipment and information are required to keep them in good running order. Regular maintenance and servicing can highlight many small faults that can be easily repaired before they become costly and possibly dangerous. If you are experiencing strange noises while driving your Aston, or it “just doesn’t quite feel right” then please do call on 01625 618 007 or email us and we may be able to help without even seeing the car.